We process your contact details, demographic data, and search results when you conclude an investigation or use services.


We treat this personal information based on the legitimate interests of our customers to receive feedback from their customers to help them improve their products and services for the benefit of their customers and their businesses and in accordance with Legitimate interests of the clients.

Important Points to Consider:

1. We process your user data when you complete a search or use the services. We process this user data in accordance with your choice to continue the search and confirm your consent to use the MyKFCExperience.website for cookies and other data collection technologies.

2. We can provide the information you provided to social networking platforms, including through social networking services with MyKFCExperience.website services, depending on your privacy settings. We process this information based on your consent, which provides the social networking service in your privacy settings. Includes your consent by changing your privacy settings so you don’t have more access to your social network data.

3. We cover the information that our clients receive about their interactions with their brands, products and services.

4. Respect for legal obligations and respect for legal rights. We may also share parts of the information collected, if necessary, to enforce our rights, protect our property, or protect the rights, property or security of third parties or, if necessary, execute external audits.


Compliance with regulations and other requirements for the management of corporate governance functions is necessary. We will disclose personal information if we respond to an order, a binding instruction from an authority or a data protection tribunal, a judicial process, a formal request, or any other statutory or statutory obligation.

Answer: In any case, you are a legal entity outside the country where you live. We can also restrict parts of the personal information needed to manage available resources or limit the damage we may suffer.

Disclosure of information about changes in activities we can provide information about you, including personal data, in connection with a reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, assignment, transfer, acquisition or any other Change of ownership or control or (for less in whole or in part), in particular in the context of insolvency proceedings or so on.te.

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