Privacy Policy

The way we share the information we collect or offer depends on how you use or access services. If required by law, we will remain at your side. Requests for termination of disclosure of personal data to third parties.

Privacy Policy

When communicating with you, your personal information is used for management purposes. Our relationship and communication with you via email, phone, email, mobile phone notifications,
and SMS.

  • Unless expressly requested by the
  • only makes one contact.
  • Contact for the integrity of a survey, surveys, awards or
  • Use a survey or customer service.

Although does not use your personal information for direct marketing purposes.

More information about the privacy policy of the client, for which we collect your personal data. Determine if such a customer does that. We can share your personal information with the service. Providers that help us manage our relationship with you.

How we perform the desired services?

We can use and share your personal information.

  1. Enter the desired services or functions you create, for example, when you make a reservation.
  2. Information and materials in forums, forums or on our social networking pages.
  3. If you give us your consent, we may disclose your personal information.
  4. Identify it with all the recipients of the communication through
  5. We can also use your personal information and transmit it to third parties.
  6. Earn rewards and claim the benefits you want
  7. If you choose a lottery or other promotion, we will send you a request.

Information for external administrators for these actions to help them achieve their goals. Ask questions or contact you if you have won a prize or questions about the promotion. Analysis of the use and improvement of services.

We use personal data Data collection tools for analysis, fraud detection and Improves the performance of services. We can use the website of a third party.

Analysis to determine the use of services by individuals, including:

Mouse clicks, mouse, scroll activity, and text that you type in free text boxes. We use the information collected by these third-party services to help you;

To better understand how our users find and use services to improve our services.

Improve user experience and services:

  • Share data with other service providers. We can share your information,
  • We use the tasks to include your personal information with other service providers.
  • The functions we maintain, such as hosting, data storage and security. Us
  • You also share your personal information if you want to use other services.
  • Responses and reviews of the websites we operate.

Share data with customers if you have access to services, you will receive a survey
The customer experience with one of our clients is communicated to us with the personal information we provide.
Collect information and answers about your research with this customer.

We also have these personal data can be used to better understand market research. Behavior analysis and Business Intelligence for our clients. Learn more about in addition to the client for whom we collect and protect your personal data.

Otherwise, read this customer’s privacy policy for personal data processing. US and our customers can also combine different types of information, including personal data.

Collected by you or by you, our customer or third parties: can use this information on one of the objectives set out in this privacy policy and our 5
Customers can use the combined information for each purpose described in their privacy. Respect for legal obligations and respect for legal rights. We can also share the information we collect from you, if necessary, to enforce our rights. The property or protection of the rights, property or security of another person.