How to Earn Rewards with KFC Survey?

KFC wants to hear from you. All you need to do is visit the official website of my KFC Research experience at and tell the company how it has been your experience with your employees, your food and your services.

Shortly after the search is complete, you will have the opportunity to receive rewards, such as bonus points, discounts or special offers.

For this research to be effective and accepted, KFC must contain more than one questionnaire sent annually to clients. The KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey is an ongoing strategy of continuous improvement and measurement based on customer feedback. The most obvious reason the company conducts this research is to learn from its customers.

The feedback you receive provides an indication of what customers think about customer service, employees, and other corporate offerings. KFC also teaches customers more value in a fast food restaurant.

You need:

  • A valid KFC restaurant reception with a research invitation
  • PC, laptop or mobile device with Internet access
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish


  1. Visit the search site at
  2. Enter the search code, date, ticket number and time of the search invitation.
  3. If there is no overview code on the receipt, click the provided connection.
  4. Answer honestly all the research questions.
  5. Send the search and receive your promotional code.

Guide to complete the KFC search and win 1,000 Dollars

Not everyone will win £ 1,000, but you only win if you participate in the KFC poll and complete it.

First of all, all you need to do is visit KFC’s official website to participate in the survey. After visiting the site, you should receive the current KFC receipt to complete the customer satisfaction survey. You must enter all necessary information on the official application page, the store number, the date of receipt, the time and the ticket number.

All this information can be found on the last receipt of the KFC. After entering all the necessary information, you will need to click on the Start button to start the search and answer the questions you have asked. You are asked to rise from very satisfied to very dissatisfied.

There will be questions in which you express your opinion openly. After answering all questions, click the Submit button and complete the search. Finally, you are automatically included in the KFC draw. If you are lucky, they tell you that you have  $1,000.

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